diplomat SAFE

팝업레이어 알림

팝업레이어 알림이 없습니다.

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Premium Safe Palladium

Palladium looks simple but elegant with durability and security.
Please experience the beauty of simplicity and security in Palladium.

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Premium Safe Premium Fire Safe NEXT

Exclusive fire safe with a finger-print bio-lock and reinforced against burglary,
providing both security and convenience in higher furniture design.

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Premium Safe 디프로매트 프리미엄금고 DBAUM 디바움

Premium Safe DBAUM will heighten the class of office
atmosphere with walnut veneer door panel offers natural wood feeling,
spacious inside and more conveniences.

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Premium Safe Premim fire safe BEYOND

Premium Safe BEYOND is decorated with
hairline finish colored stainless steel plate,
and appears as a top class premium safe.

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Premium Safe Premium Fire Safe istella

Maximize simplicity in design without any button (Good Design awarded).
Designed in the motif of twinkling starts bears simplicity
but elegant beauty in it.

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Premium Safe Premium Fire Safe WiSE

The interior appearance of
the sleek design and color point, please.

Quality Certification Fire Test

In fires, most of the matters at home or in the office turn into a handful of ashes because of the high heat to 1000℃.

Drop Test

Drop test is done to check how strong the safe is when housings demolish in fire.